Sunday, September 9, 2007

Back to school blues

So, just in case anyone out there cares: I hate the Uniform Commercial Code. School is back in session and I'd vowed to myself that I would not care this year -- that I'd just do the minimum to get by. But judging from my classes last week, I don't think that will be possible. It just seems that for all five of my classes I'll be doing *all* of the reading because I will *need* to do *all* of the reading.

But I WILL NOT stop reading fiction. No way, no how. I did that first year and I was miserable.

I'm almost finished with A Thousand Splendid Suns; I love it. Khalid H. is very talented but if I may allow myself the daily dose of snarkiness.... I daresay that were he not writing about a particular place in the world at this very particular time in history I doubt he'd be such a phenom. There, I said it. Jealous much, Joanne? Ha ha.

My fascination with the Middle East and the first five books of the old Testament, or Torah, is growing and growing. I just finished a couple of Bruce Feiler's books and I plan to get the others, especially Walking the Bible. He's a journalist, not an archaeologist or bible scholar etc., but his stuff is well vouched for it seems. Plus, I just picked up a scholar's work on the Middle East through the biblical perspective. Very addicting. For a child of the church like myself it's sometimes startling to have a realist perspective of biblical stories and characters. For example, I was shocked (shocked!) at the proposition that David may not have killed the giant Goliath. *Aaargh!!!!!* I mean, that was MY little backup everytime I faced a major life challenge. So, what am I supposed to encourage myself with when I'm looking at that Commercial Credit final? Just kidding. I know it's not the story itself that matters; it's knowing what the power of faith in God can do. Yes, people: You can ace a brutal final exam with only a slingshot and a pebble. Amen.

I'm looking foward to my trip to the Dominican Republic in a couple of weeks. Of course, I'll be bringing textbooks with me and maybe a couple of fun, mindless books. Edwidge Danticat's new novel sounds interesting -- though that's far from fun and mindless. But I do need to read it so that's definitely on the list and maybe Junot Diaz's new one too. That means, I still need something fun and mindless for my trip. A fast-paced thriller would be great. If I hadn't already seen the Bourne Ultimatum I'd read it. To do so now would be a waste of eye energy. Patricia Cornwell?

Anyway, back to Commercial Credit and the endless, scintillating scenarios of deadbeat Buyer A and gullible Seller B's interminable disputes about whether goods not paid for should/shouldn't be recoverable by gullible Seller B. *Sigh*