Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm back...

I've thought about this blog often over the last couple months -- usually when I was sitting in class wishing I had enough time to write. Happily, I'm through with law school; graduated today. Yay! It was quite a journey -- one I wouldn't necessarily recommend to most people but it's a great feeling to be finished and to have that lovely diploma. Now comes the hard part: studying for the bar exam.
I read very little outside of school work but I did finish The Pillars of the Earth. Can I say that this book is just a masterpiece? Wow, just wow. It's a thousand pages long but they go by pretty fast. Murder, mayhem, the Middle Ages and all you'll ever want to know about building cathedrals. It was just an amazing journey back in time. The characters I'll always remember; the plot, subplots -- everything was epic in scale and Ken Follett of course is just the master builder of this kind of stuff. What else can I say? This story was just a solid, massive piece of literature that was actually fun to read!
So, I'm in edits for my next novel My Best White Friend, which will be published next spring by Grand Central. I'm trying not to rewrite the whole thing because every time I look at the manuscript I see a million ways I could make it better. I think. Thankfully, I have a deadline to meet so I can't go too crazy.
Can I just rant and say that I absolutely HATE the busywork publishers ask of their writers. I mean, who wants to spend valuable time filling out an author questionnaire and running around town trying to find a photographer to take a picture? The picture thing really bugs me, too. Sorry, that kind of stuff is not fun. I'm trying to move. I have to study. I have to write. I have to watch reruns of King of the Hill!
One more thing before I sign off. People need to leave Michelle Obama alone. That is all.

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