Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Harlem Book Fair -- Roxbury, Mass.

First, let me say that studying for the bar exam is a little slice of of hell on earth. Every day around 4 p.m. when I ponder all the other fun ways I could be spending my summer I get the urge to roll around on the floor sobbing hysterically. Instead, I pick up my Barbri books and do some more practice questions and curse the bar examiners.

BUT, life is not all horrible and depressing. Two things. I got a chance to go see my colleague Dorothy Clark perform at the Taylor House in Jamaica Plain last Friday and I was so wowed. This girl is so talented -- and a hilarious person I might add. The pianist who accompanied her was a genius. Just beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. If I could sing like that I'd never speak. I'd sing my orders at the Dunkin Donuts drive-through.

And then on Saturday I got to sit outside for a few hours in Dudley Square at the Harlem Book Fair in Roxbury. Thanks to the folks who stopped by for books and to to chat. I met some really fascinating people. That lady from Uganda -- if you're out there and you find this blog, just know that you made my day. Also know that I'm rooting for you to become president some day.

Thankfully, the weather was nice -- no rain and not too hot. Marjorie Hicks and her staff did a great job; the program was excellent. It's too bad that more people don't come out for this event. Hopefully, next year we'll be back at the old location at Roxbury Community College.

I was going to be snarky and write a whole paragraph about bad poetry. But I won't do that. Because this is not a snarky blog. But if anyone ever wants to drive me up the wall and see my inner witch come out in full force, recite some victimization-laden, incoherent, unintelligible, protest-gibberish and call it poetry. I will attempt to smash you in the head with Maya Angelou's books and hope her talent somehow sinks in. End snarkiness.

Now that I've gotten that out...


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Bana said...

Hi Joanne, it's Savannah. I just got your three books, so I hope to start reading the this weeked!

I hope you're doing well.

Savannah (Harlem Book Fair Roxbury)

annapixie said...

Hi Joanne- saw your last name (my mother's maiden-her dad was from Monserrat), then ordered all of your books....'cause you're probably a cousin and family should support! Also eager to read contemporary black literature by women. Congrats on the degree.

Beantown Cuban said...

This made me chuckle: "I get the urge to roll around on the floor sobbing hysterically."

By the way, I wrote a story (The Inn Crowd) last fall on the Taylor House and their classical music happenings.

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