Monday, September 8, 2008

Sorry, political rant

Yes, I know this site is supposed to be about books but I'm breaking my own rule today. Over the weekend I had the opportunity to hear some people (BLACK folks) make some of the most ridiculous statements I've ever heard in my life. Here are a couple:
1. "I don't see what George Bush did over the last eight years that was so bad."
2. "I want to vote for Obama but he's for abortion and I don't want to have the blood of innocent babies on my hands."
3. "Since 2001, we haven't had another major terrorist attack in America. You have to give Bush credit for that."
There were more but after a while my head began to spin so I forgot the rest of them. Let me just say this: I'm a Christian. I love the Lord. I believe Jesus Christ wants us all to go to heaven. I also believe he wants us to have a good life here on earth -- all of us, not just Americans.
And here is why I do no support the Republican party: Their ideologies and policies do not profess the love of Christ, which is the essential element of Christianity. Read 1 Cor. 13.
After watching the Republican convention last week all I saw was hate, sarcasm, belittling, baiting, blaming. Not an ounce of charity. And as a Christian I'm supposed to get on board with those people? No thanks. Would Jesus belittle the work of community organizers?
In answer to the ridiculous statements above (made by church people as you may have guessed), I would advise these people to look at the struggling economy; the fact that we've been in Iraq for seven years losing thousands of American soldiers (my brother went THREE times) and tens of thousands of Iraqi lives -- and remember this is a war that was supposed to take 50 days; the fact that babies unborn and born (see infant mortality rate among black children) continue to die under every single president since the Roe v. Wade ruling and that even though there haven't been any major terrorist attacks on U.S. soil we STILL haven't captured Osama Bin Laden -- 7 years later.
Also it's poor people who are losing their homes and their jobs and their futures in this economy -- not the rich Republicans or Democrats. I know for a fact that there are people in my church who are in foreclosure right now! And as the poor get poorer, the Republicans want you to believe that their tax cuts for the rich will somehow benefit you at the bottom. Well, that trickle down scam has NEVER worked -- unless you're in the upper tax brackets.
Here's a little economic reality: During the Clinton Administration America saw its longest ecnomic expansion, 22 million new jobs were created, the country saw the highest rate of home ownership and lowest unemployment in 30 years. Not only that people were OPTIMISTIC about this country. People had HOPE for their and their kids' futures. Poor and lower middle class people saw their lives CHANGE before their own eyes. They were INSPIRED to do better (see welfare to work programs).
Was Clinton perfect? No. Are we trying to re-elect Bill Clinton? No. But between John McInsane and Barack Obama I'm willing to bet that Obama's more likely to fix our economy and to help the people who need it the most. Listen, I don't mind paying more taxes. I really don't. I'd rather pay more taxes to support programs that will help poor people get off their feet so they don't rob me on the street at gunpoint. (Okay, that was harsh).
I'm also willing to bet that Obama won't further antagonize all the America-hating extremists (whose numbers have increased exponentially since the Iraq invasion) who want nothing but to see these country implode on itself. Like Jesus commanded, I believe we should be peacemakers first -- try diplomacy before destruction. And this is what I hear Obama saying. Not bomb first and ask questions later, as John McLame preaches.
Don't even get me started about Sarah Palin. She reminds me of so many women I see in church every Sunday. Righteous on the outside but when you look deep inside everything's a big mess. She's the kind of broad who always has something to say but never quite knows what the heck she's talking about. As long as the menfolk keep giving her talking points she'll sound halfway intelligent even though you sort of suspect that there's not a whole lot going on under that beehive. I'm done.
All I can say is no matter who wins this November, some things are going to remain the same in this country. I hate abortion but it's not going anywhere -- even though Roe v. Wade is overturned. I hate terrorism but we're not ending it by locking up people in Guantanamo Bay and depriving them of their human rights. Neither party is perfectly lined up to Christianity's principles. The Christian hoping to vote based on faith is going to make a wrong choice either way. You might as well not vote at all.
We live in a secular nation, church folk. We can't FORCE everyone to follow Christ. Not even God himself forces people to serve him and to obey Him. He gave us all a free will. So why do Christian Republicans think they have the authority to take away from people what the Almighty gave to them??

Rant over.

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